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Wirbelschichttechnik sprühgranulieren coaten trocknen
Schüttguttechnik Rohstoffhandling
Forschung Produkt- und Prozessentwicklung

By establishing cooperations we broaden our horizon and exploit  our strenghts!

The fact that we and our partners are setting in at different points of the value chain establishes a win-win situation for all those concerned - and it always creates something new, something improved, something better engineered - without the cooperating companies’ quickness, flexibility and special knowledge falling by the wayside!

General agency for Austria and Hungary; pneumatic dense phase conveying

Complete flour grinding mills in standardized containers

A process for wort granulation developed in the AMMAG fluidized bed pilot plant receives the German start-up award “Deutscher Gründerpreis”.

R&D cooperation in the field of functional food

R&D cooperation in the field of drying and granulation of microorganisms

R&D cooperation in the field of microencapsulation and product development

Cooperation in the field of job-order granulation         

General agency for Austria; iris sleeve valves



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